Why Do You Need IT-Enabled Services?

In Bangladesh, IT Audit & Consultancy services are of paramount importance to ensure the security and effectiveness of IT systems. These services thoroughly evaluate the infrastructure, processes, and controls, identifying potential risks and weaknesses specific to the local context. CMMI Appraisal plays a vital role in assessing and enhancing software development and management processes, helping organizations in Bangladesh improve their practices and align with global standards. Moreover, digital marketing has gained significant traction in Bangladesh, allowing businesses to effectively reach their target audiences through SEO, social media, and content marketing strategies tailored to the local market. With expert optimization techniques, businesses in Bangladesh can boost their brand visibility, drive customer engagement, and achieve higher conversions.

Who We Are?

B-ADVANCY, are a global certification and sustainable business assurance company, offering a comprehensive range of services. Our expertise extends to management system certification, audit & inspection, calibration & testing, consulting, training, and ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services).


With a focus on managing business excellence, we employ unique approaches that enhance organizational strength and foster safer, sustainable, and greener practices. Our dedicated experts are driven by a passion for addressing business risks in terms of social, environmental, and global economic aspects. In addition to our core services, we are renowned for enhancing competency and ensuring organizational leadership to sustain success in the global market. As a part of the B-ADVANCY Group, B-ADVANCY Learning serves as our training arm.


Overall, B-ADVANCY is committed to providing top-notch ITES services along with our certification and sustainable business assurance offerings.





Benefits of IT-Enabled Services?

IT-enabled services revolutionize business operations, leveraging technology for efficiency, cost savings, and innovation. By outsourcing functions and accessing specialized skills, businesses enhance productivity and customer experience. Data-driven decisions and global reach fuel growth and competitiveness.


✅ Improved operational efficiency and productivity

✅ Cost savings through optimized processes and resource utilization

✅ Access to specialized skills and expertise

✅ Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction

✅ Increased scalability and flexibility

✅ Faster and more accurate decision-making through data analytics

✅ Improved security and data protection

✅ Competitive advantage through technology adoption

✅ Global reach and market expansion opportunities

✅ Innovation and business growth potential


How To Get ITES

Take action now to obtain ITES from B-ADVANCY. Contact us through our website, email, or phone to express your interest. Our experts will assess your needs and provide a tailored proposal. Finalize the agreement and let us seamlessly integrate the ITES services into your business, ensuring ongoing support and maintenance. Elevate your operations with B-ADVANCY's top-notch ITES solutions.