1. B-ADVANCY Logo & Form regulations




1) Basic wordmark

Basic wordmarks combine orbs and text, with the text part incorporated into the background. A plan about the application space must be developed beforehand to maintain optimal application conditions.

2) Utilization of Watermark
Wordmarks such as these are used in video, internet, and outdoor media, but are prohibited in print media. With the ellipse and character separated, it is easier to express in three dimensions and the background space is minimized.

3) Logo of GIC Certification body
B-ADVANCY Certification Ltd logos are not certification marks and cannot be used by customers.



2. Certification Mark


Certification Mark Precautions for use

The following regulations must be followed by customers who are certified by B-ADVANCY.

✅ The Certification Mark and Accreditation Mark may only be used when the certificate is valid.

✅ The use of certification marks and accreditation marks is limited to the scope of the certification.

✅ B-ADVANCY certifiers do not use certification marks or accreditation marks in a manner that suggests they have certified products or processes.

✅ There are no other certification marks or accreditation marks available besides those provided by B-ADVANCY.

✅ Certification cannot be misrepresented.

✅ If the certification is suspended or withdrawn, no mark referring to the certification shall be used in advertising.

✅ If the certification terms are reduced, all advertisements must be revised.

✅ B-ADVANCY certification marks and accreditation marks may not be used in a manner that discredits or undermines the B-ADVANCY certification system.

✅ Accreditation and certification marks should always be displayed together.