As one of its core values, B-ADVANCY Certification Limited (BCL) believes that integrity in its dealings with others is a pre-requisite for sustainable  business growth and successful, long-standing relationships.  BCL is committed to conducting itself fairly, honestly and lawfully in all its dealings with its members, employees, customers, clients, business  partners and the communities in which it operates. BCL will not tolerate corrupt behavior by or on behalf of its members, employees, customers, clients or business partners. Through the strict application of its internal rules, policies and procedures: 


  • BCL prohibits practices which seek to increase sales other than through legitimate sales and marketing efforts;  
  • BCL seeks to maintain the confidentiality of its employees’, customers’, clients’ and business partners’ commercial and personal information;  
  • BCL employees, agents and other representatives are prohibited from giving or receiving money or gifts which could be construed as bribes;  
  • BCL seeks to conduct its business activities in an environmentally safe and sustainable manner;  
  • BCL places high priority on the health and safety of its employees and others affected by its business activities;  
  • BCL competes in its various markets vigorously but honestly and fairly in accordance with this Code of Business Ethics and competition laws applicable in the relevant jurisdictions. In particular:  
  • BCL will not favor any one customer or client over another;  
  • BCL will not engage in restrictive trade practices or other forms of anti-competitive behavior; 
  • BCL employees will not divulge confidential or proprietary information relating to BCL or its customers in their contacts with competitors; 
  • BCL employees will not seek to damage the reputation or standing of third parties, particularly our competitors.


All BCL employees are required to comply strictly with this Code of Business Ethics and with all laws applying in the jurisdictions in which they  operate. BCL will take an extremely serious view of any breaches of this Code of Business Ethics and any proven breaches will lead to appropriate  disciplinary action, which in the case of an employee may result in dismissal.


All employees of BCL are responsible for ensuring compliance with this Code of Business Ethics and for monitoring compliance and investigating  possible breaches. All bona fide reports or complaints of non-compliance or of unlawful behavior by BCL employees (whether anonymously or  attributably) will be appropriately investigated by MD. As a BCL policy statement, this Code of Business Ethics is intended to be incorporated into the contracts of all BCL consultants, agents, clients and business partners where relevant and appropriate.  

BCL recognizes that the overall aim of certification is to give confidence to all interested parties that the management system against which BCL certifies a client complies with specified requirements. Interested parties include but are not restricted to: 

  • Clients of BCL 
  • Customers of clients of BCL 
  • Governmental Authorities 
  • Non-Governmental Organizations 
  • Consumers and other members of public