B-ADVANCY Certification Ltd. (BCL) is dedicated to upholding the principles of impartiality as outlined in the ISO 17021-1:2015 standard. 

BCL prioritizes independence and provides unbiased professional judgment throughout its management system certification process. 

BCL understands the importance of managing any potential conflict of interest to ensure the impartiality of the audit and certification services provided by this organization. 

BCL diligently maintains an impartiality policy to uphold its brand reputation and customer satisfaction. BCL top management is committed to maintaining impartiality and ensures that this policy is established throughout the organization by providing necessary support. 

BCL complies with all accreditation and regulatory body requirements, being committed to quality and integrity. It has established a robust process to monitor, review, and manage any risks or threats to impartiality on a continuous basis. Threats can be related to self-interest, self-review, familiarity, and intimidation, and certification services are not provided if those cannot be eliminated or minimized to an acceptable level. 

BCL has an Impartiality Committee, which carefully monitors the processes and decisions to prevent any conflicts of interest. BCL auditors and technical experts sign contracts affirming the absence of conflicts of interest and their commitment to confidentiality. Additionally, all employees and contractors adhere to the Code of Ethics, which outlines the company’s values and procedures. 

BCL conducts an Impartiality Risk Analysis to identify, analyze, and document any potential conflicts of interest arising from the supply of certification services. BCL auditors follow the “Impartiality Management and Handling” procedure to ensure impartiality and integrity throughout the assessment process. 

To demonstrate its implementation of the Impartiality Policy, BCL will always: 

  • Refrain from certifying other certification bodies for their management systems. 

  • Abstain from providing Management Consultancy services aimed at achieving, maintaining, or renewing certification. 

  • Avoid conducting internal audits for its certified clients. BCL will not certify a management system on which internal audits have been conducted by BCL personnel for a minimum period of two years following the audit. 

  • Ensure that our services are not marketed or presented as being affiliated with organizations providing management consultancy. 

  • Prohibit the outsourcing of audits to management system consultancy organizations and prevent any auditors who have provided management system consultancy to clients from participating in audits. 

  • Abstain from making statements or implications suggesting that certification processes would be simplified, expedited, or less costly. 

  • Take proactive measures to address any threats to impartiality originating from the actions of external parties or organizations. 

  • Hold BCL personnel (including both internal and external individuals and committees with influence over certification activities) accountable for Maintaining impartiality and resisting any pressures, be they commercial, financial, or otherwise, that could compromise impartiality. 

  • Carry out the disclosure and documentation of any conflicts of interest by BCL personnel, and take appropriate measures to address them.