ethical compliance


Ethical Compliance Audit is a critical part of any company's financial management. They help to identify and correct deficiencies in business operations. In Bangladesh, audits are often conducted by government organizations, but they can also be conducted by private businesses. While different, audit shares some common elements. These include the detection of wrongdoing, the collection of data, and the evaluation of results.


One important purpose of the ethical compliance audit is to ensure that the company is meeting its financial goals. Other purposes include detecting potential problems in the organization before they become major issues, improving performance, and ensuring that assets are protected from theft or destruction. Ethical compliance audits can also be used to identify opportunities for growth and improvement.


Importance of Ethical Compliance Audit

Ethical compliance audits are important to businesses in Bangladesh because they help ensure that the business is running efficiently and compliant with relevant laws and regulations. This can help improve the company’s overall performance and create a better sense of governance. Businesses in Bangladesh should consider ethical compliance audits as a necessary part of their management process to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.


Benefits of Ethical Compliance Audit

Assess the adequacy of internal controls.

Encourage the use of best control practices.

Maintain compliance with policies and regulations.

Analyze operational inefficiencies and waste.

Technology, systems, and IT projects are analyzed.

Insights that are objective.

Utilize resources efficiently and responsibly.


Audits Area We Covered:

▶️ Supplier/Factory Audit

▶️ Energy Audit

▶️ Boiler & Generator Safety Audit

▶️ Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Audit

▶️ Performance Management Audit

▶️ Standard Auditing like IFC, World Bank, ADB, etc

▶️ Environmental Audit

▶️ CSR Audit

▶️ CTPAT Audit

▶️ Social Compliance Audit (BSCI, SEDEX, WRAP)