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The IT and Security Audit is an important part of any organization's security plan. It helps identify and prevent unauthorized access to information systems and data. In Bangladesh, the practice of IT and Security Audit is not as popular as it should be. There are a few reasons for this. The first reason is that most businesses do not have the budget or staff to carry out a full-blown audit. The second reason is that many businesses do not understand what it means to do an IT and Security Audit. Finally, there is a lack of awareness among business owners about the importance of having an accurate and up-to-date security portfolio.


Importance of IT Security Audit

Bangladesh is one of the most hazardous countries for IT security. The bad reputation for IT security and the lack of awareness about it has led to a large number of incidents in the country. In order to prevent such incidents, it is important for businesses to have an effective IT security audit.Our 27001 audit and 20000 audit certification will help you to show the ultimate guide.


IT security audits are essential in order to ensure that your business is compliant with current regulations and that access to your information systems remains secure. In Bangladesh, many businesses do not have proper Implementing Security Plans (IPS) in place, which leaves their information systems easily susceptible to attack. This makes it difficult for attackers to gain access, steal data, or even disrupt operations.


A successful IT security audit will assess your business’s vulnerability to attacks and highlight areas where you need to improve security measures.


Benefits of IT Security Audit 

Protect your data.

A New Perspective on Operations.

Check your protection for gaps.

Keep up with the latest regulations.

Improve based on recommendations.


Area We Covered:

▶️ Information System Audit

▶️ Cyber Security Audit

▶️ Source Code Audit

▶️ Vulnerability Assessment

▶️ Penetration Testing