Sustainability Reporting Assurance

In an era where businesses are increasingly aware of their impact on the environment and society, transparent and credible sustainability reporting is pivotal. Our Sustainability Reporting Assurance Services, a core component of our Validation and Verification offerings, are designed to empower your organization to showcase its commitment to sustainability with confidence and accountability.


Why Choose Sustainability Reporting Assurance:


Credibility Enhancement: Elevate the credibility of your sustainability reports through independent assurance. Gain the trust of stakeholders, including customers, investors, and regulatory bodies.

Compliance Assurance: Ensure alignment with national and international sustainability reporting frameworks and regulations, including those specific to Bangladesh. Mitigate the risks of non-compliance through our meticulous verification process.

Transparent and Accurate Reporting: Our services ensure that your sustainability data is transparent, accurate, and in compliance with global standards. Provide stakeholders, both locally and globally, with reliable information on your environmental and social impact.


Our Sustainability Reporting Assurance Process:


Initial Data Review: We start by reviewing your sustainability data to understand the scope, boundaries, and goals of the reporting process, tailored to the specific context of Bangladesh.

Customized Assurance Plan: Develop a detailed assurance plan based on the unique goals and materiality of your sustainability reporting. This plan outlines the methodology, data collection, and assessment procedures, considering the local nuances and global standards.

Stakeholder Engagement: Engage with key stakeholders within your organization, including those in Bangladesh, through interviews to gather insights into emission sources, data collection processes, and mitigation efforts.

Thorough Data Assessment: Rigorously assess your sustainability data for accuracy, consistency, completeness, and compliance with both international and local standards, ensuring a holistic understanding of your organization's impact.

Comprehensive Verification Report: Prepare a comprehensive verification report that details the findings, observations, and corrective actions taken during the assessment, with specific attention to the local impact and relevance in Bangladesh.

Independent Assurance Statement: Issue an independent assurance statement, confirming that your organization's sustainability data and reporting have been thoroughly verified by an external third party, instilling confidence in stakeholders, both locally and globally.


Choosing our Sustainability Reporting Assurance Services not only aligns your organization with global sustainability standards but also reflects your commitment to responsible business practices, making a positive impact in Bangladesh and beyond.