Eastern Refinery Limited Partners with B-ADVANCY Certification Ltd. for ISO 9001:2015 Training



Eastern Refinery Limited Partners with B-ADVANCY Certification Ltd. for ISO 9001:2015 Training

Eastern Refinery Limited (ERL), a cornerstone of Bangladesh’s petroleum industry, has always been committed to maintaining excellence and stability in the market. Founded in 1963, ERL supplies an impressive 40% of the nation’s petroleum products, ensuring the smooth operation of the country’s energy needs. As a subsidiary of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC), ERL plays a crucial role in sustaining the nation’s energy infrastructure.


In a bid to further enhance their operational standards and commitment to quality, ERL recently participated in Internal Auditor Training on ISO 9001:2015 (QMS), conducted by B-ADVANCY Certification Ltd. The training was led by Ehsan Ahmed Ashrafi, an expert in the field, and focused on equipping ERL’s team with the necessary skills to uphold the highest quality management standards.


B-ADVANCY Certification Ltd. is renowned for its dedication to promoting sustainable business practices. With a presence in Bangladesh and headquarters in Dhaka, B-ADVANCY offers a range of services including management system certification, auditing and inspection, training, and consulting. Their core competency lies in helping businesses achieve ISO certification, which is a testament to their adherence to international quality standards. B-ADVANCY’s holistic approach ensures that businesses not only achieve certifications but also enhance their organizational strength by considering social, environmental, and economic aspects of sustainability.


The partnership between ERL and B-ADVANCY is a perfect synergy of commitment to excellence and sustainable practices. Through this training, ERL aims to bolster its quality management systems, ensuring that they continue to deliver superior petroleum products and maintain their position as a market leader.


By investing in such high-standard training programs, ERL is setting a benchmark for other organizations in the industry. This move underscores their dedication to continuous improvement and excellence in every aspect of their operations.


As ERL continues to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the petroleum market, their collaboration with B-ADVANCY Certification Ltd. marks a significant milestone in their journey towards achieving higher standards of quality and sustainability.

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